Province Princess

VG Helg magazine dedicated the whole issue to photo stories from Norway. I made a little portrait series called “Province Princess”. You can see the online version of the special photo issue here.


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Exhibition: Underway

I am happy to exhibit «RETURN» in the group show «UNDERWAY» at Sørlandets Kunstmuseum in Kristiansand, Norway. The exhibition is open from October 8th – March 5th 2017.

About the exhibition:
Childhood and adolescence are decisive periods in each and every person’s life. The process of growing up, of exchanging a child’s existence for that of a teenager, involves physical, psychological, social and cultural change. Much of one’s identity takes shape, and this can mean a new experience of both the body and one’s gender. This phase in life has its own cultural expressions that are manifested through play and other activities. New digital media offer possibilities for a type of self-staging unknown to earlier generations. Life offers many challenges, and for some children and youths, there are major events, for instance today’s migrant and refugee crises, that have severe consequences.


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Athens Photo Festival

«Return» is exhibited in the 2016 main programme of Athens Photo Festival. The exhibition reflects the diversity of contemporary photography, presenting recent works by 85 established and emerging artists from 35 countries, 8 multimedia projects and a wide selection of photobooks, spread across 5 exhibition halls at the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece. My exhibition is supported by the Norwegian Embassy & the Norwegian Institute in Athens.



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