I am doing a workshop in my exhibition in Hamar Kulturhus for 12/13 year old youths the next four weeks. The focus is the stories of the asylum children in the exhibition, and to questioning how we see other people and their stories. All the youths are supposed to take a portrait and to be photographed, in addition to written exercises. The workshop is organised by «The Cultural Rucksack» (Den kulturelle skolesekken), a national programme for art and culture provided by professionals in Norwegian schools.

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Exhibition in Hamar Kulturhus

My new project «Tilbake» (Return) is exhibited at Hamar Kulturhus in Hamar, Norway. The project tells the stories of children of rejected asylum seekers, who have been sent back to their home country – or a life on the run. They lived in Norway between four and nine years. While the applications were processed and rejections were appealed, the children and youth went to school, learned Norwegian, participated in activities such as football, dancing classes etc. They were part of local communities, they got friends and daily routines. They had dreams and aspirations – just like any other Norwegian child or adolescents.

I have portrayed the children and photographed their new life, but also places and friends they left behind in Norway. Portraits, pictures of everyday life and audio recordings tell about traumatic experiences, memories and friendship.

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«Emerging», Annenberg Space for Photography

I am currently participating in the exhibition Emerging at Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles. Emerging presents images by more than 90 emerging photographers from around the world who bring a fresh perspective and creative techniques to professional photography. The exhibit explores how a new generation of photographers examines a variety of topics, from the personal to the global: youth culture, family, the environment, economic uncertainty, conflict and civil unrest, and the nature of the photographic image.

The exhibition was organized in partnership with Photo District News (PDN), and is comprised of works from photographers who have been featured in «PDN’s 30», Photo District News’ annual selection of 30 new and emerging photographers to watch.


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Viktor Yushchenko for VG Helg

I photographed Ukraine’s ex president Viktor Yushchenko in Kiev for VG Helg magazine. He won the presidential election that led to Ukraine’s Orange Revolution in 2004. During his election campaign Yushchenko was poisoned with dioxin. Journalist Roy Freddy Andersen did the interview.


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